Website Care Packages believes in an efficient, hands-on security solution. We are not the company that will give you a “security seal” after one external test. Our experience cleaning up websites with that very scenario told us there needs to be a better solution for companies that do not have thousands to spend on a security firm, but need confidence their website is protected.

Our team has designed security for high profile, high risk websites with success. From religious organizations under constant threat from terrorists, to major publishing companies protecting their products, our success was due to understanding the threat environment, designing processes, implementing solutions, and carefully monitoring not only what was attacking the website, but how attacks were performed globally.



  • Gordon Jackson
    Gordon Jackson CEO - Technical Lead

    Gordon is an influential and hands-on technical leader, that has successfully introduced and supervised multiple organizational adoptions of new technologies, leveraging an understanding of current technology and trends. He relies on an intuitive expertise to make high level decision in order to develop software and create excellent software architecture.

    • Brent Hostler
      Brent Hostler Sales & Operations Lead

      Brent has proven leadership experience in organizational efficiency, business development, consulting, operational management and business transformation. He is a dynamic leader with strong business experience Рbuilding, managing, and facilitating high performance teams around the globe.

      • Keith Jackson
        Keith Jackson Security Analyst

        Keith is an experienced business and data analyst, quickly recognizing trends and developing solutions. With a long history of working in the information technology and services industry, he has the experience to get ahead of the threats that are coming.

        • Katrina Jackson
          Katrina Jackson Project Manager

          Katrina has led large projects through completion in a variety of settings. She leverages her strong organization and communication skills to keep everything running smoothly. Katrina is also skilled at event planning, including international events.

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